Hardcopy Playbook: confirming your address

As a HOBA TECH Agile Transformation Accelerator customer you get a physical hardcover copy of The Business Transformation Playbook.

There’s no additional cost, the book and the shipping (anywhere in the world) is included in your original purchase price.

To confirm your address:

  1. Login to the academy.hoba.tech e-learning platform here
  2. Hover over the “Hi, Name!” button up the top right of the screen and then select “Your Profile”
  3. Click “Address” in the left hand side menu
  4. Check that the “Billing Address” is correct. This will become your “Shipping Address”
  5. If you need to edit your address you can make the necessary changes and then click “Save”

That’s all you need to do! We will be shipping your playbook to you early within the first few days of you coming on board!

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